Santa Claus Hall of Fame honors High Point’s Cliff Snider
December 21, 2012
By Jimmy Tomlin

Fifty years after Cliff Snider first began portraying Santa Claus, the 65-year-old High Point man has just been given the Christmas gift of a lifetime” induction into the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame.

Appropriately located in Santa Claus, Ind., the Hall of Fame will host a brief ceremony this morning to announce six new inductees, including Snider, into its prestigious ranks.

“I am honored and yet humbled,” said Snider, who will become the first North Carolinian to be inducted. “I could name a dozen Santas I know who are more qualified than I am. And then I look at the status of the other people who have already been inducted, and it’s such an honor to be among them.”

Snider will be formally recognized as a new inductee in March, during an annual Santa Claus workshop that takes place in Santa Claus, Ind.